ATEX Multi-Unit Charger

  • Feb 07, 2019

Atex MUC

The new IMPRES six-way multi-unit charger PMPN4289 offers a smaller and lighter platform with integrated programming and fleet management features for all current and future radio families across MOTOTRBO and TETRA. This introduction is the first of a series of multi-unit chargers that allow up to 6 radios or batteries to be charged simultaneously as well as support integrated data upload to an IMPRES Battery Fleet Management System without the need for a separate CIU (Charging Interface Unit).

Additional new features include:

  • Two display modes for enhanced display data capabilities
    • Set up mode enables the user to customise the charger for their specific use (battery storage mode, enabling/disabling calibration or reconditioning, display format selection, power saver selection)
    • Diagnostic mode enables the charger to read IMPRES battery data similar to the IMPRES battery reader (date of first use, number of charge cycles and capacity details)
  • Battery analyzer mode (for example end of service life)
  • One combined model offering single display scalable to 6-unit display via software upgrade
  • Preparing Lithium-Ion batteries for shipment