Radio Network Design & Planning

We provide complete legislation for our customers, including the assignment of operating frequencies, obtaining a building permit as well as an endorsement decision.

Radio Networks Planning

Based on user requirements, our experience and consultation with the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, we develop radio network designs. In the process of development we draw from:

  • Our experience and knowledge
  • Geographic measurements obtained using the GPS receiver
  • Radio signal propagation measurements
  • Digital terrain model
  • Calculation of intermodulation products
  • Expertise of properties and possibilities of modifying means of communication
  • Long-term cooperation with the Regulatory Authority


Radio Networks Projects

For the realization of large-scale radio networks, we provide complete documentation according to the UNIKA recommendation and the customer's requirements in terms of:

  • Project documentations for Territorial Decision
  • Project documentations for building decision
  • Implementation of Project documentations
  • Documentation of the facts
  • Getting an comments of the people and organizations affected
  • Obtaining a building permit
  • Obtaining an endorsement decision