Benefits of Motorola Accessories For Mobile Radios

Maximizing efficiency is in the best interests of all businesses and their customers.Optimizing logistical movements of heavy construction vehicles at a busy inner city infrastructure upgrade project, shipping container distribution at an international deep seaport or ensuring prompt public transport services are just a few examples of the myriad of organizations who rely on clear, instantaneous communications.

Mobile two-way radio communications significantly enhance operational efficiency and the right accessories can make radios safer and easier to use, whilst improving system performance. When considering which are the most suitable devices, it is vital to understand the user’s needs and operational environment. Once these factors have been considered, the right accessories can be selected from Motorola’s extensive portfolio to create the most appropriate solution, configured to meet the user’s unique requirements.

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  • IMPRES audio accessories have been designed to give optimal performance across a wide range of user situations and installations when used with Motorola’s MOTOTRBO radios.
  • External loudspeakers provide loud, clear receive audio that allows the message to get through when operating in noisy environments
  • PTT Solutions provide a variety of robust Push-To-Talk options to enable convenient initiation of transmissions.
  • Remote mount and dash mount kits facilitate discreet installation in vehicles.
  • Power and Ignition-sense leads provide the cabling required to install mobile radios.
  • Antennas are available for a range of installations and frequencies, and with integrated GPS capability to simplify mobile installations.
  • Operations Critical Wireless (OCW) accessories allow Bluetooth connection of a range of headsets to the radio, reducing the tangle of wires and increasing flexibility.
  • Fixed mobile installation solutions provide power supplies, desk trays and desk microphones to allow central control rooms to stay in touch with the mobile workforce.Vehicle 09


IMPRES audio accessories accommodate a wide variation of user situations and installations. When IMPRES accessories are used with MOTOTRBO radios with Digital Automatic Gain Control (AGC) enabled, they provide enhanced performance with more consistent audio level, whilst reducing the effect of variation of distance from microphone and loudness level of the voice.

IMPRES accessories include:

  • Heavy Duty fist microphone
  • Keypad microphone
  • Sun-Visor microphone
  • Discreet telephone style hand set

When optimal performance is required, where background noise is constantly changing and when personnel use the radios differently, IMPRES audio accessories can smooth out the differences to ensure consistent performance and audio quality.


External loudspeakers enhance the user experience by making it easier to listen to received messages, especially in loud environments. Motorola offers a choice of three models with varying speaker size and power level, so the user can select the best choice to meet their specific situation.

Whether the environment is a noisy truck or busy manufacturing facility, external loud speakers can enhance listening experience reducing the possibility of missed calls.


Initiating transmissions without creating risk is an important health & safety requirement, especially while operating vehicles. It’s not always easy, or safe, to reach out to the radio or remote microphone to push the PTT button. To help make initiating calls easier and safer in those situations, Motorola offers these solutions:

  • Pushbutton PTT can be strapped to the user’s hand or mounted nearby
  • Heavy duty foot switch can be installed in the floor of a vehicle or under a desk, providing easy access to the PTT
  • Gooseneck PTT attaches to a vehicle steering column, allowing the user to initiate a call without taking their hands off the steering wheel



Ensuring the mobile radio is located conveniently and securely within a vehicle is a major consideration. To assist with this, there are several solutions available:

  • Mounting trunnions are brackets designed to fix the radio in place whilst allowing it to be angled correctly for the specific installation. Trunnions are available in different heights and there is also a keylockable version for improved protection against radio theft.
  • In-dash Mounting Kits allow the radio to be inserted into the dashboard for the ultimate professional finish.
  • Remote Mount Kits (for DM 3000, DM4000 and GM mobiles) allow convenient and discreet installation. The main radio chassis can be securely located out of the way in a bulkhead or storage area but with the control head separately mounted close to the user.
  • Remote Mount Cables are required to connect between the radio chassis and remote mount control head. Cables are available in different lengths.


When installing mobile radios in vehicles, it is crucial to use high quality cables of the correct type for the system power and configuration. Motorola offers different lengths of cables, all fitted with suitable fusing for protection.

For added convenience and to safeguard against flattening the vehicle battery (because the mobile radio was left on), ignition sense leads can be an important addition. These are connected between the radio and the low voltage feed controlled by the ignition system and allow the mobile radio to be automatically switched on and off with the ignition. If required, the radio can be programmed to allow the automatic switching to be manually overridden by the user.



Antennas are critical to the performance of the mobile installation and Motorola Solutions provide a diverse portfolio of antenna solutions. To maximize efficiency of transmit power and improve range, antennas are split into sub bands in both the VHF and UHF frequency ranges. There are also variants with “gain” – the ability to increase the Effective Radiated Power out of the antenna thus increasing the range of the transmission.

Most antenna installations use the “through hole” design for permanent but reliable installation, reducing the possibility of users removing and placing antennas and their leads in sub standard locations and trapping or cutting coax leads leading to reduced performance or total failures.

For tracking vehicles using MOTOTRBO’s built-in GPS functionality, Motorola offers GPS antennas with either glass-, magnetic- or through hole mounting and some VHF antennas have GPS antennas built-in, simplifying vehicle installations.



Motorola’s Operation Critical Wireless (OCW) Bluetooth accessory portfolio offers new ways to stay connected to your DM4401 or DM4601. When stepping away from your vehicle, you can stay in contact and maintain communication, or if operating a fixed mobile they provide the freedom to move around the office or control room affording increased efficiency with up to 10 metre range, utilizing the secure Bluetooth 2.1 standard.

  • Wireless PTT pod is the fast and flexible way to seamlessly and wirelessly access the push-to-talk button with any Bluetooth earpiece connected to a MOTOTRBO radio.
  • OCW Earpiece with 30cm (12”) cable for use with the wireless PTT pod. It is lightweight and comfortable, and includes an integrated microphone and earpiece.
  • OCW Earbud with in-line microphone. Available in two different lengths: 29cm (11.4”) and 116cm (45.7”).
  • Bluetooth/GPS option board for DM4000 Series mobile radios can be retro fitted to provide wireless functionality.

For budget conscious customers the Business Wireless accessory is an alternative to commercial off the shelf Bluetooth headsets, but it has been specifically designed for use with two way radios. It uses the radio’s PTT to initiate calls and will last an 8 hour shift based upon 5/5/90 usage.


Mobile radios are often used in fixed installations such as a central dispatch control room. For those situations, Motorola offers several accessories:

  • Desktop trays keep the mobile radio neat and tidy on the desk.
  • They are available as either with or without a built-in speaker.
  • Power supplies are required to power for mobile radio from the electrical mains. Motorola has tested our power supplies to ensure that, when used with Motorola mobile radios, they are compliant to R&TTE and ETSI standards plus EU laws that govern the use of such installations.
  • Desktop microphone designed to be used in close proximity to the speaker’s mouth, helping to ensure their voice will be heard especially in a busy office situation

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Mobile radios can be used in a vast range of different situations, both in-vehicle and fixed and Motorola offers a wide range of accessories to help ensure optimal systems performance.


From a multi-storey crane to the security control room of a football stadium, from a delivery lorry to a central dispatcher, mobile radios can used in a vast range of different situations, both in-vehicle and fixed installation. Their users rely on the mobile radios to provide wide area communications coverage and they need the right configuration to meet their individual needs.
Motorola offers a wide range of accessories for mobile radios to help ensure the system can achieve optimal performance whilst allowing the user safe and easy access to their radio.

Source: Motorola.

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