MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus

Mototrbo Capacity Plus 3aThis hospital is like a small city, with many buildings, hundred of rooms and extensive maintenance areas. To keep everyone connected, they have installed a MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus system. Its innovative Dynamic Trunking makes the best use of the available radio channels. It’s a cost effective way to provide capacity for a single campus site. And if the planned merger with a neighboring healthcare facility goes ahead, they can simply link the two Capacity Plus sites over IP.

Even as your organization grows larger, you need to ensure that you stay efficient. Capacity Plus Single Site and Capacity Plus Multi-Site (formerly known as Linked Capacity Plus) utilize Motorola innovation to pool radio resources and allocate them efficiently.

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Capacity Plus uses an innovative form of trunking technology toCapacity Plus uses an innovative form of trunking technology tomaximize efficiency. Instead of a dedicated control channel, thesystem creates a “rest channel”. All inactive radios monitor thischannel. When a new call is initiated, it takes over the rest channel,while radios not involved in the conversation are directed to a new“rest channel”. Dynamic trunking does not require a centralizedcontroller or expensive “FB8” license. And it is highly fault-tolerant:even the complete failure of a repeater only reduces system capacity.

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  • Up to 15 Sites
  • Up to 12 Repeaters per Site (Up to 8 voice and data repeaters, plus up to 11 data revert repeaters, max 12 repeaters in total)
  • Up to 1600 Radios per Site (recommended)


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