RDAC is a new application from Motorola that allows a manager or operator of a MOTOTRBO network to diagnose and or control MOTOTRBO repeaters. RDAC provides a great level of convenience, allowing to react quickly to any problems that may arise in the network

RDAC3A system manager can control the operation of a MOTOTRBO repeater connected locally or connected via an IP network in an IP Site Connect network, therefore diagnose and control in an IP site network can be accomplished from a few feet to hundreds of miles.

Can connect locally physically to one repeater, or connect via an IP network.

 The RDAC application has a user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface for the System Administrator enabling them to remotely manage upto 14 repeaters, and providing clear set-up and status windows. Easy-to-read indications provide status at a glance and drop-down menus make control simple.

RDAC runs on a PC, which can be connected to the repeater either remotely through an IP network, or locally via a USB or GPIO connection. The software then provides a wide range of control, diagnostics and alarm reporting.

Some older repeaters may require a hardware upgrade kit to report A/C power failure or fan failure (the other features will work on all models without hardware upgrade).


The following services are provided

1. Repeater Diagnostic

  • Read Analog/Digital Status
  • Read Enabled/Disabled Status
  • Read Wide or Local Area Status
  • Read IPv4 Address and UDP Port (required for connectivity
  • Read Available Channels (including Currently Selected)
  • Read Transmit Power (High or Low) Status
  • Read Inbound RSSI

2. Repeater Alarm Reporting

  • Detect and Report RF Power Out
  • Detect and Report AC Power Failure
  • Detect and Report Receiver Lock Detect Failure
  • Detect and Report Transmitter Lock Detect Failure
  • Detect and Report RF PA/System Overheating
  • Detect and Report High VSWR Detection
  • Detect and Report RF PA Fan Failure Alarm (only on the MTR3000)
  • Detect and Report EEPROM Corruption (only on the MTR3000)
  • Detect and Report Low and High RF PA Voltage (only on the MTR3000)
  • Detect and Report SCM Reference Incompatibility Alarm (e.g. SCM with TCXO in 800/900MHz band) (only on the MTR3000)
  • Detect and Report FRU Incompatibility Alarms (e.g. PA and exciter are incompatible)(only on the MTR3000)
  • Detect and Report Main Fan Failure (only on the DR 3000, not applicable for theMTR3000)

3.Repeater Control

  • Change Channels
  • Change Enabled or Disabled Status
  • Change Transmit Power Level (High or Low)
  • Knockdown Repeater
  • Reset Repeater 

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