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Mototrbo Connect PlusMOTOTRBO Connect Plus is a digital trunked two-way radio solution based on the DMR Tier II standard. It gives you all the benefits of digital technology – better audio, better coverage, better capacity and better battery life – with the scale and efficiency of trunking.

When your business is growing beyond a small enterprise; when you’re coordinating operations over several different sites; when your existing communications system is getting congested, that’s when you need to move to a digital trunked two-way radio solution. And that’s where Connect Plus can help.

MOTOTRBO Connect Plus is a digital trunked two-way radio solution based on the DMR standard. It gives you all the benefits of digital technology – better audio, better coverage, better capacity and better battery life – with the scale and efficiency of trunking.


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Connect Plus integrates advanced user features such as GPS location-reporting*, text messaging* and mandown alerting. There are also advanced system features such as user authentication, enhanced privacy and over-the-air radio programming. So now even the most demanding businesses can be empowered with widearea communications.


If your business is currently using a legacy trunked radio system, Connect Plus offers many options for a seamless migration. The spectrum mask for Connect Plus and MPT1327 is the same, and multiple systems can be bridged using the MOTOBRIDGE IP interoperability solution.


Trunking technology is designed to accommodate a large number of users on a small amount of radio spectrum. In a trunked system, channels are allocated by a centralized controller. Your valuable spectrum is used with maximum efficiency.


Connect Plus is a field-proven trunking solution that is deployed worldwide by many businesses across many industries. The solution continues to grow in scale and capabilities: From 6 to 250 sites, and from basic functionality to advanced features and options.


Connect Plus is modular, and can be implemented in many different configurations depending on your needs and your priorities. As your business grows, you can increase capacity, coverage and resiliency as required – simply by plugging in more MOTOTRBO repeaters and controllers.


With the MOTOTRBO Connect Plus Telephone Interconnect feature, you can connect your staff to people inside and outside your business, on their fixed or cellular phones. Handle customer queries direct, and manage
inter-company transactions seamlessly. The MOTOTRBO Connect Plus XRI Interconnect Gateway improves your efficiency and responsiveness.

The XRI 9100 supports half-duplex communications for up to 16 phone lines simultaneously. A call can be initiated by a telephone user, and may be a private call, group call or multi-group call. Private calls can also be initiated by an authorized radio user straight from the radio keypad. Customizable interactive voice prompts are provided for telephone users, and entry to the system can be restricted by caller and by talkgroup. The included Connection Tool software allows you to manage configuration and connectivity, and view status on a “Site Dashboard”.

WAVE 3000

You also have the opportunity to integrate Android and iOS mobile devices into your network. WAVE 3000 is an Enterprise Push-To-Talk over Broadband solution. It uses a free app from Google Play or the App Store to connect  over Wi-Fi or cellular to a gateway in your MOTOTRBO Connect Plus system. For those who need extra reach, choice and flexibility, WAVE 3000 is the ideal choice


A large manufacturing organization is spread across several states, but must coordinate operations with seamless efficiency. Earlier today, there was an issue with a part from a new supplier that stopped the production line. But using the MOTOTRBO system, the Quality team was able to respond immediately, using the capabilities of Connect Plus to talk to the engineering team in a different plant, and with WAVE 3000 to connect to the purchasing manager’s smartphone. With everyone working together, the issue was resolved very quickly, and now the line is back up and running.


Motorola’s support plan allows you to remain focused on your business, not your technology. The Infrastructure Repair Service covers your entire MOTOTRBO Connect Plus system, including equipment from select third-party infrastructure vendors. The Advanced Replacement service significantly minimizes downtime by shipping you a replacement module within 24 hours, no matter where you are in North America. Motorola also offers Implementation Services, to help you plan, deploy and optimize your Connect Plus system. From coverage mapping to device programming, we can leverage our experience and expertise to transform your business’s communications.


When you need more: more coverage, more capacity, more control and more capabilities, MOTOTRBO Connect Plus delivers. With the efficiency of trunking, and the advanced voice and data features of MOTOTRBO, it can empower your business to connect like never before.


  • Dedicated control channel
  • Private call
  • Efficient spectrum usage through subscriber tracking
  • Group call
  • ETCA (Enhanced Traffic Channel Access) significantly decreases the chance of call collision
  • Multi-group call
  • Subscriber authentication
  • Site all call
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Network all call
  • Up to 250 sites
  • OTA programming of subscriber units
  • Up to 15 repeaters/site
  • Resilient architecture, with optional redundancy
  • Up to 420 repeaters
  • Remote Monitor
  • Up to 3000* users/site
  • Late entry to group calls
  • Up to 1600 contacts/system
  • Call Alert and Radio Check
  • Automatic roaming, with configurable neighbor list
  • Radio disable/re-enable
  • Remote access for management of repeaters and radios
  • Emergency Alert
  • Mailbox-based text messaging service
  • Console (Direct and Wireless IP options)
  • GPS location-reporting (single or periodic)
  • Inbound/Outbound Telephone Calls


  • Man Down (optional): tilt / movement / nomovement

Up to 250 sites

29 trunking channels and 3000 user for site. In USA system has now expanded to over 200 sites

Mototrbo Connect Plus USA 2

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