Mototrbo R2.9 Firmware

  • Feb 11, 2019

Mototrbo software R29 gb

Motorola released new Mototrbo System R 2.9. This latest system release covers all currently shipping MOTOTRBO portables, mobiles and repeaters as well as the CPS and other software tools. The release includes several enhancements, including:

Certificate Based Wi-Fi Access: WPA-Enterprise 802.1x: Increases security and deployability of devices for enterprise networks.

New IP68 RSM for MOTOTRBO: A highly durable and water submersible accessory is now available to the MOTOTRBO portfolio PMMN4099 is compatible with DP4000e Series radios. Great for customers that work in tough environments:

  • In and out of rainy weather
  • Construction
  • Oil, gas, & mining

IP 68 rated: Water submersible for 2 hours up to 2 meters

UL/TIA4950 approved

  • Div 1 Class I, II, and III
  • Div 2 Class I, II, and III

Capacity Max Features

  • Shared Frequency Control Channel: Customers can now deploy a Capacity Max system with either a shared or dedicated control channel
  • Enhanced Telephony: Adds another signalling option that has DMR industry-standard telephone patch call capabilities
  • Priority Call: If high priority is selected (using a programmable button), the call preempts the ongoing lower priority call.
  • Talkgroup Subscription Option: This feature can now be turned off to support 3rd party systems that do not meet this standard

Enhanced Channel Change for SLR Series Repeaters: Increased agility and flexibility to communicate with teams on different frequencies from one repeater. Changes channel quickly (within 2 seconds) without reset

Radio Management: Radio groups are organized in a tree view structure. Previously groups were organized in distinct categories with no option for sub-groups