Radio Management & OTAP

The MOTOTRBO Radio Management Application helps you organize your fleet, simplifies your workflow, reduces your downtime and saves you money. Program simple changes to your entire radio fleet Over The Air. Also supports centralized registration of radio features and license activation from any PC.

When the need to program a radio or a fleet of radios occurs, the process can take place at the customer location or the workshop. However, the process of programming radio parameters, features, contact lists, and others can be a time consuming and inefficient exercise. To address this need, the MOTOTRBO CPS allows over the air programming of radio parameters – known as OTAP (Over The Air Programming).OTAP

With OTAP, you are able to manage up to 5000 radio configurations per instance as well as on a group or individual basis. Optionally more radios can be managed across multiple systems in multiple locations. OTAP also allows remote connection on a server, client and device programmer basis so you are able to manage MOTOTRBO systems anywhere in the world via the Internet¹.

For added security, OTAP provides application and radio mutual authentication via a shared key. OTAP also uses the existing over-the-air encryption thereby ensuring configuration updates are not intercepted.

Configuration updates can be scheduled for off-peak periods thereby reducing the disruption and ensuring consistent performance. Updates can be performed on an unmanned batch process. The radio user receives a one-time option to accept or delay the new configuration, once received.

OTAP supports all system architectures except Connect Plus, which has its own over the air reconfiguration protocol. OTAP is also only supported in the second generation MOTOTRBO radios as of firmware version R02.05.00. OTAP is also only possible in digital mode.

The heart of any OTAP system is the Radio Management Server. The Server can be co-located on the same PC as the CPS (otherwise known as the Radio Management Client). The CPS is just the standard MOTOTRBO CPS.

The Device Programmer is the interface between the Radio Management Server and Control Station. The Control Station can be any MOTOTRBO radio - this acts as the RF Air Interface. Optionally, Presence Notifier can be used: this processes ARS messages and informs the Radio Management Server about radios present on the system.

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