Benefits of Motorola Specialist Audio Accessories

Two way radio systems designed to increase operational efficiency and ensure the safety of users have portable and mobile radios, infrastructure and applications as a large part of the solution. However, there is another key element that can be critical to the success and ultimate performance of radio users – namely accessories. These perform an important role, allowing customization to individual or operational requirements and situations.

Motorola Solutions offers a wide range of accessories to meet a large variety of differing needs – in some cases standard versions can’t perform and specialist solutions, optimized for use with MOTOTRBO, are needed.

This article explores Motorola Solutions’ innovative technology that is providing solutions to some of the demanding situations radio users find themselves in.


A security officer chasing a suspected thief in the street outside a retail center in the driving wind and rain.   An undercover police officer maintaining discreet surveillance of “persons of interest” indoor and outside.  Fire fighters in a burning apartment building, searching for and rescuing trapped residents.
IMPRES RSM’s with Windporting technology can make the difference as to whether the control room can hear their voice instead of the wind noise. Completely Discreet Operation Critical Wireless solution, with no visible wires or radio present to the public, means his cover won’t be blown. Industrial Noise Cancelling (INC) RSM allows them to communicate clearly above the background noise of roaring flames and cries for help.



Two or three wire surveillance kits

When conducting discreet or surveillance operations, RSM's may not always be suitable. For those users, Motorola offers IMPRES surveillance kits. These allow the wires to be hidden under clothing and are available in two main types.

The 3-wire version features one wire for receiving communications through an earpiece, one wire for the microphone, and one wire for the Push To Talk (PTT) button. The microphone is clipped to the clothing and can be hidden under a tie or lapel and the PTT is conveniently positioned at the end of a shirt or jacket sleeve for easy access.

In 2-wire types, there is one wire for receiving transmissions and one wire with a combined microphone / PTT. In both types, received audio is channelled to the ear via a separate earpiece – either an over-the-ear type, or a quick-disconnect, durable and comfortable translucent tube that enables easy sharing of the kit between shifts.



special 2Total physical discretion

The Operation Critical Wireless (OCW) completely discreet solution offers a specialist surveillance system for when wires or an acoustic tube must not be visible. It is designed specifically to be hidden from public view, so total physical discretion can be achieved. There’s also the convenience & freedom of no wires connecting you to the radio.

The inductive neck loop is worn across the shoulder and down by the waist to ensure it does not ride up and become visible if wearing a T-shirt.

Furthermore, the tiny “Phonak Intra” earpiece sits discreetly in your ear and is intended to support a standard “business day”: OCW offers 8 hour battery life with increased 5/35/60 operation for when communications are more active.

Designed with a comfortable fit for long shifts, but robust and with a strong retention clip ensures the neck loop is securely attached to the “Fast PTT” pod.



Improves safety and operational efficiencyspecial 3

Motorola’s innovative temple transducer headset is light and comfortable for extended use. It is worn with the retaining band around the back of the neck and the boom microphone is positioned on the left side of the face. The headset has two transducers which are placed on the temples on either side of the head. These convert the received audio into minute vibrations which transfer to the inner ear auditory nerve, bypassing the outer ear (this can provide a solution for some radio users with hearing impediment but evaluation is recommended before purchase to determine suitability).

The temple transducer provides very clear voice quality, even in noisy environments, whilst leaving the ears unobstructed so the user can be fully aware of peripheral sounds around them. If hearing protection is required, the user can use ear plugs but will still hear transmissions through the headset.

With an inline PTT transmissions, are easily initiated or if VOX is enabled in the MOTOTRBO radio, hands free capability is truly achievable.



special 4Easier operation and clearer audio

Users can carry their radio attached to their belt or in a carry case and the Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) is then clipped to the shirt or jacket lapel, leaving the user’s hands free to conduct tasks more effectively and efficiently. Having the RSM on the chest or shoulder brings the main radio controls – microphone, loudspeaker, push-to-talk button and volume control – closer to the head making it easier to hear and be heard In difficult weather conditions, the unique Windporting technology designed into the housing of the RSM dramatically reduces the effect of driving wind and rain blowing across the microphone.

Windporting technology ensures your voice is heard over the wind noise. 



Designed for extreme noise environments

special 5

VIn very demanding situations such as an emergency fire-ground with sirens wailing, the noisy rumble in a building plant room, clamour from heavy manufacturing machinery on a factory floor, or the roar of aircraft jet engines at a busy airport, noise levels can overwhelm normal microphones.

Even more challenging is cancelling background noise which has similar frequencies to your voice. The solution is the high performance dual microphone IMPRES INC RSM. It can cope with these very high noise levels, cancelling out the background noise whilst retaining your speech.

To achieve this, the IMPRES INC RSM uses two microphones coupled with a powerful Digital Signalling Processor (DSP) running a smart software algorithm. It samples the background noise and voice, strips away the unwanted background noise and routes the voice to the radio. All this is invisible to the user – they just speak close, but directly across the INC RSM and their voice message will get through.

To make it easier for you to maintain communications, the INC RSM also has a volume control with eleven steps to adjust to your required volume, easy-to-access orange emergency button and programmable side button for frequently used functions.

Not only can it handle very high noise levels but, thanks to the IP57 rating, driving rain won’t be a problem. Due to the special speaker drainage design, the RSM can be submerged, but water won’t clog the speaker: the water will drain in a few seconds leaving clear loud audio.



You rely on two-way radio voice communications for the success of your critical operations; you want to ensure your voice is heard regardless of background noise or speech volume.

When you have special requirements, generic accessories just won’t do. Specialist audio accessories allow users to benefit from loud, clear audio and the addition of IMPRES audio accessories can make their operation safer, easier and clearer.

Combining IMPRES Smart audio accessories and MOTOTRBO radios alleviates the variations and inconsistencies between users by automatically adjusting the voice amplification to the best possible level for transmission, ensuring your voice is heard loud and clear.

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