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Organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and customer experience. Since being launched in 2007, MOTOTRBO™ Digital Mobile Radio is proving to be the platform of choice for operations- and business-critical radio users looking for effective communications systems. To help these companies, Motorola Solutions continues to develop more flexible and feature-rich products. In particular, accessories can offer more efficient and convenient modes of operation as seen with our most recent introduction - Operations Critical Wireless (OCW) accessories.

For a mobile radio fixed on a desk in a command centre or installed in a truck, or for a portable radio installed on a motorcycle, held by the security guard on foot patrol in a shopping centre or even carried by a first aider attending to a patient, Bluetooth wireless accessories can extend range and performance beyond a tethered connection to the radio.

The Motorola wireless accessories have been designed expressly for professional radio users and offer robust construction and IP54 rating allow them to perform in the most difficult of circumstances. Two options are available – the Business Wireless Accessory Kit provides reliable operation for budget-conscious users whilst the Operations Critical Wireless (OCW) solutions give optimal performance with fast call set-up, large PTT button and volume controls that make them easy to use all day long.

Because Motorola’s OCW accessories were designed to operate specifically with MOTOTRBO portable radios, the battery life of the Operations Critical Wireless Earpiece is designed to last a shift, 12 hours at 5/5/90 operation. They also offer the Motorola-unique Fast PTT to help ensure calls are initiated quickly and consistently.


Conventional wired audio accessories with long wires can be cumbersome and awkward - especially if wires require routing through shirts, jackets or other items of uniform before commencing the work shift. They can also catch or snag causing inconvenience or even damage to clothing. Wireless earpieces are quick and easy to fit and remove, eliminating the need to route wires around the body.


Motorola Solutions OCW utilise Bluetooth Standard 2.1 which uses 128bit encryption for added security and also has a more secure pairing process than Bluetooth 2.0. So users can be confident in the knowledge that the MOTOTRBO radio will only connect to their earpiece, preventing eavesdropping by unauthorised users.


For security personnel, medical staff and events stewards, wired accessories represent grab points so eliminating them can help improve safety and add convenience.


In some instances wires routed through clothing or tucked in against and strained by trouser waistbands or trouser belts can snag which could cause stress points that over time may eventually lead to failures within the wires. Eliminating wired accessories and replacing them with OCW earpieces can prove an invaluable benefit in performance, convenience and effectiveness.

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Maintaining a low profile while mingling with the crowd can be key to a successful operation. Using wireless accessories, your radio can be hidden in a hand bag, shoulder bag or rucksack while calls are initiated using the PTT on the OCW earpiece. A second wireless PTT device can also be paired to the radio and held in the palm of your hand, in your trouser pocket or in your sleeve, allowing greater flexibility and freedom to initiate transmissions.

The status LED on the OCW earpiece normally flashes regularly to indicate correct operation, but for discreet users, “Dark Mode” disables the LED if you do not want to draw attention to the device.

For the ultimate in discretion, the OCW Completely Discreet Surveillance Kit is ideal for the most covert security operations, where moving freely without drawing attention is a must. The tiny receiver is hidden in the ear and the communications loop can be worn under a shirt or jacket, so you can listen to your radio in complete privacy but no one can see any equipment. The kit also includes a microphone that can be hidden under a lapel or in a sleeve to allow you to communicate.


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When working in high noise environments, users need to protect their hearing with ear defence, but still be able to communicate with others.

The XBT Wireless Headsets connect to MOTOTRBO radios via Bluetooth and feature the patented SENS™ technology that combines advanced speech enhancement with extreme noise suppression. That means the headset provides hearing protection against loud noises, but still allows the user to hear both radio communications, and what’s going on around them



Different users want different solutions and Motorola offers a range of Bluetooth wireless accessories for MOTOTRBO including light-weight earbuds, more secure earpieces, covert surveillance kits and heavy-duty headsets.


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Voice Operated Transmissions (VOX) are supported by MOTOTRBO radios, so completely hands free operation is possible. Just speak into the microphone and the wireless accessory will command your radio to initiate transmissions without the need to press any buttons

The Operations Critical Wireless Earpiece from Motorola Solutions has been designed specifically for use with MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios and offers users the ultimate combination of performance, discretion and flexibility.

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The Operations Critical Wireless Earpiece from Motorola Solutions has been designed specifically for use with MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios and offers users the ultimate combination of performance, discretion and flexibility.

Source: Motorola

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