Benefits of Motorola Carry Accessories

When instantaneous, wide-area communication is required, two-way radios offer an ideal solution and can address organisation’s needs by providing bespoke coverage and built in redundancy capability. With system coverage and performance addressed, enhancing user safety and performance of portable hand held radios can quite often be overlooked.

With the addition of Motorola Original carry solutions, the hands of two way radio users can be freed from holding the radio thus enhancing safety and increasing performance and efficiency. Not having the radio in the hand can also prevent damage from being dropped and from theft or loss as a result of the radio being put down to carry out a task.

Motorola Solutions has a broad portfolio of carry accessories to meet a wide array of users’ specific business needs. Our comprehensive range of products allows you to customise the solution provided to best match the individual user’s specific requirements.

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Belt clips provide the simplest and most cost effective method of securing the radio to your clothing, or nylon carry cases provide a low cost protective means of wearing the radio on a belt. If a more robust solution is preferred, soft or hard leather carry cases are available which increase the level of protection and ease of use via the swivel belt loop attachment.

An alternative to the belt loop is the shoulder strap which has clips to attach to the two “D shaped” rings on the back of some carry cases.

For damp or wet environments, the water proof bag is a good choice to protect the radio, or for other specialist situations a variety of chest packs are available to cater for needs of maintenance personnel or special operations.


.Radio belt clips free up the user’s hands, increasing the security of the device and reducing the possibility of dropping the radio. While belt clip solutions provide simple convenience, there are some unique versions.

  • ATEX belt clips designed to meet appropriate ATEX requirements can be easily identified by the unique ribbed design to reduce anti-static build up. To ensure continuing ATEX compliance, it is important they are not substituted for a non ATEX belt clip.
  • Non ATEX belt clips are available in a choice of lengths (5 or 7 cm long) and provide a secure fit when clipped onto the belt, jacket pocket or the waist band of trousers or a skirt. To compliment these belt clips a 4,5 cm wide leather belt is available from Motorola to ensure compatibility.

Carry 07


If more protection is required for the radio, Nylon carry cases are a great upgrade from simple belt clips. They are made from durable material to help keep the radio clean and protect it from damage due to knocks and drops. They are usually worn on a belt around the waist using the built-in 3-inch belt loop.

Nylon carry cases are available for standard (Non ATEX) radios in two form factors: non-display and display radios with full keypad.




For more robust or intrinsically safe ATEX situations, Motorola offers soft or hard leather carry cases (in ATEX environments, Nylon cases must not be used as they do not meet the requirements and only leather cases are ATEX approved). They can also have the added convenience of a swivel belt loop that allows the user to remove the radio from the belt without having the inconvenience of having to undo the belt.

Leather cases are a natural upgrade from Nylon cases providing greater benefits – they look better and last for longer. Like their Nylon counter-parts, Leather cases are available for nondisplay and display-radios but also have the added choice of fixed or swivel fixings with 5 or 7,5 cm belt loops.

Moreover, the belt loops on leather carry cases help move the radio and its antenna away from the user’s body, creating a space which has been known to help increase the range of the radio’s transmissions. 

Carry 09


Although carry cases free up the user’s hands and help protect the radio, not everyone wants to wear the radio on their belt. For those users, Motorola offers alternative solutions.

  • Shoulder straps are ideal for users who can’t clip the radio to a belt or pocket, but want to have their hands free. The strap clips to two “D-style” rings on the back of a carry case and offers comfortable, convenient access to the radio.
  • Water-proof bags offer protection when radio communications are essential but the environment may get wet. They are manufactured from robust but supple plastic and a secure water-tight seal is provided by a sturdy metal clamp mechanism. They include a shoulder/wrist strap and maintaining a firm grip is ensured with a purpose designed thumb-grip integrated into the bag. The water-proof bag provides great protection whilst allowing basic functions of PTT, Volume and Channel change.

Carry 11

For other specialist situations a variety of packs are available to cater for needs of maintenance personnel or special operations. These hold the radio securely and also provide additional storage. There are three to choose from.

  • Universal Nylon Chest Pack protects the radio and frees the hands. It fits virtually any radio and also has a pen holder and Velcrosecured pouch for additional storage.
  • Break A-Way Chest Pack has all the features of the universal chest pack, plus break-away tabs that allow the entire pack to be quickly and easily removed.
  • Universal Radiopak is worn around the waist and comprises a woven nylon belt, radio compartment and zippered pouch for other on-the-job necessities.



The Motorola Original accessory portfolio offers a broad range of solutions to meet a vast range of different user’s situations and needs. Using the right accessories allows users to customise their radio solution, making it easier, safer and more effective to use. And for the reseller, they offer a great chance to improve customer satisfaction and revenue.


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