Mototrbo R2.6 Firmware

  • Aug 16, 2016

Mototrbo software R26 gb

Motorola released new Mototrbo System R 2.6. This latest system release covers all currently shipping MOTOTRBO portables, mobiles and repeaters as well as the CPS and other software tools. The release includes several enhancements, including:

Capacity Max

Next generation trunking with DMR Tier III compliant mode, plus much more.

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max is Motorola’s next-generation DMR trunking solution. It is a Control Channel-based trunking system (infrastructure and subscriber) with both proprietary and standards-based (ETSI DMR Tier III) over the air signaling protocols. The single system Server hardware platform, the Capacity Max System Server (CMSS) is used to host the system-level Trunk Controller, System Advisor server, and the MNIS Voice & Radio Command (VRC) Gateway.

The Trunk Controller handles system wide Resource Management, Call Control, Registration and Authentication. The System Advisor (client/server architecture) provides centralized system and fault management, including call monitoring functionality.

Wi-Fi Programming and Upgrade

This feature uses the Wi-Fi interface on the latest generation of radios to enhance Over-the-Air Programming. Users can now send large files to your radios – for example new radio firmware, voice announcement files and splash screen images.

Indoor location tracking

The Indoor Location Tracking feature scope provides the ability for tracking a radio user inside of a building or indoor conditions. The use case is supported with the Beacon technology and Application Developer Partner tools – which accurately tracks the indoor location data points and applies it to mapping application software

Radio Management 2.0

The Radio Management application is used to configure all MOTOTRBO system products including Trunking Controller, Repeaters, Mobiles and Portables. Radio Management can be installed on any computer, which meets the minimum hardware and software requirements, with a direct IP connection to the system. Radio Management consists of a four major components that can be installed on the same or different computers, as follows:

  • Radio Management Client : Edits and Manages Configuration Data
  • Radio Management Server : Storage of Configurations
  • Radio Management Device Programmer : Programs All Managed Devices
  • Radio Management Job Processor: Processes Scheduled Jobs

Domain Name Service Usage for Master Repeater

The MOTOTRBO Repeater platforms will support the user configuration capabilities using a Domain Name Service. This will be an alternative method to the configuring an IP address

Improved Audio

Enhanced processing so audio sounds brighter and clearer, plus a new language specific setting under the Audio Profile heading in CPS to apply specific audio processing for Dutch, Indonesian, Italian and Spanish

SLR8000 Repeater Support

The SLR8000 Base Station Repeater will be fully supported in the all system topologies. All features supported on XPR and MTR3000 series Repeaters will also be supported on the SLR8000. The SLR8000 will offer additional features, alarming and diagnostic capabilities, and higher specifications compared to the recently announced SLR5000

Transmit Inhibit

This feature allows the radio to behave similar to a device in “Airplane Mode” – turning off the transmission capabilities.

Radio Audio Improvements

This feature enhancement allows the following audio improvements:

  1. Radio improvements to the audio processing found in the R2.X radio product line. As a result the audio will sound a little brighter and a little clearer to some users with this release.
  2. A new language specific setting under the Audio Profile heading in CPS. This option applies specific audio processing for Dutch, Indonesian, Italian and Spanish.