Mototrbo R2.5 Firmware

  • Dec 14, 2015

Mototrbo software R25 gb

Motorola released new Mototrbo System R 2.5. This latest system release covers all currently shipping MOTOTRBO portables, mobiles and repeaters as well as the CPS and other software tools. The release includes several enhancements, including:

Single Input Noise Cancellation (SINC+)

This is a charged-for software feature that provides improved speech intelligibility in high noise environments using the single microphone on the radio and without the need for a more expensive dual microphone accessory.

The main benefit of this feature is that the customer does not need to buy an  expensive dual microphone accessory to get similar noise cancellation benefits.

280 Character Text Messages

The built-in text messaging feature allows MOTOTRBO portable and mobile radio users to send and receive information in a text format. This feature provides a useful alternative to voice on the MOTOTRBO system. The built-in text message service is fully accessed from the menu system on MOTOTRBO radio models with keypads and displays. Some aspects of this service are also available to non-display models.

A user may enter up to a certain amount of characters, i.e. 140 or 280 depending on the radio models. Valid characters are alphanumeric, spaces and special characters. The user can send the text message by assigning a short or long programmable button press (Text Message) or access the Text Messages feature via the Text Messages Menu feature.

Czech Language Support

Radio prompts text/telemetry messaging and job ticketing now support Czech language on display radios.

Offline Radio Management

Allows transfer of encrypted radio management jobs between an online radio management client and an offline radio management device programmer using removable media (USB Memory Stick)..