Next Generation Two-Way Radios

  • Apr 08, 2016

Next generation Mototrbo

Motorola has been delivering MOTOTRBO digital communication solutions to businesses around the world since 2007. Now, bringing together our extensive real-world experience, customers' insight and Motorola’s own technological innovation, created the next generation of MOTOTRBO. With new radio models, Next Generation MOTOTRBO brings a whole range of new features and capabilities, to help you make your organization safer, more efficient and more productive.

Original model New model
DP2400 DP2400e
DP2600 DP2600e
DP4400 DP4400e
DP4401 DP4401e
DP4600 DP4600e
DP4601 DP4601e
DP4800 DP4800e
DP4801 DP4801e
DP3441 DP3441e
SL4000 SL4000e
SL4010 SL4010e
DM4400 DM4400e
DM4401 DM4401e
DM4600 DM4600e
DM4601 DM4601e

The new radios are packed with new features, enhancements and improvements to ensure workers are safer, more efficient and more productive, including:

  • Indoor location tracking The function operates under integrated Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Integrated WiFi The function provides remote radio update.
  • Multi-constellation GNSS The function combines GPS and GLONASS signals for improved accuracy and reliabili t y in positioning.
  • Man Down Integrated accelerometer together with other sensors give to user an emergency tool.
  • Vibration Silent Alert with new vibrating belt clip option.
  • Improved HazLoc portfolio UL TIA4950 – certified.
  • Clearer audio Thanks to redesigned audio amplifier
  • Longer range Receiver sensitivity was improved to increase range up to 8%.
  • Extended battery life Other innovation of battery technology leads to prolong its life up to 28 hours.
  • Improved durability IP ratings was increased.