Using IMPRES Charger

  • Sep 26, 2014

Impres charger

How to read your IMPRES charger to maximize battery life

Once the IMPRES battery is properly seated into the charging pocket, the charger indicator illuminates showing that the presence of your battery has been recognized. The following table shows you how to read the charging status of your IMPRES battery:

IMPRES Battery Charging LED Explantions

Charger Indicator
SINGLE GREEN FLASH Charger has successfully powered up
FLASHING RED Battery is unchargeable or not making proper contact with the charger
FLASHING ORANGE Battery is recognised by charger but is waiting to charge. (Either the battery voltage is too low or the battery temperature is too low or too high to allow charging. When this condition is corrected, the battery will automatically
begin charging)
STEADY RED Battery is in rapid charge mode
FLASHING GREEN Battery has completed rapid charge to 90% capacity, leave in charger to complete the charge
STEADY GREEN Battery has completed charging and is 100% charged
FLASHING RED/GREEN Battery has completed charging and is fully charged. Battery continues to be useable, but may be nearing the end of its rated service life.
STEADY ORANGE Battery is in recondition or initialisation mode. The length of time the charger remains in this mode depends upon the state of charge remaining in the battery
when inserted. (Fully charged batteries require more time to recondition, 8 to 12 hours or more, than fully discharged batteries)



Battery Charging: reconditioning (steady orange LED ) vs. rapid charging (steady red LED )

Motorola’s exclusive IMPRES energy system can optimize your battery’s life by offering automated battery reconditioning. Reconditioning fully depletes then recharges your battery which virtually eliminates the memory effect, preserving the lifecycle of your battery. Fully charging your battery with reconditioning can take up to 12 hours.

To stop the automatic reconditioning of your IMPRES battery you can simply set your charger to ‘rapid charge’ by placing it in the charger once, quickly removing it, then replacing back into the charger again. The colour of the LED should change from steady orange (reconditioning) to steady red (rapid charge) and your battery will begin to charge.

Exhausted Battery: End-Of-Life Display (Flashing Red And Green)

Even though your battery is fully charged, it could be nearing its end of life. Batteries have an average lifecycle of 2-3 years. If you encounter the flashing green and red LED display, it is approaching the time when you need to replace your IMPRES battery. This warning will act as a preventative so you don’t get caught out with an exhausted battery.